Custom Casino Poker Chips

Custom poker chips are becoming the rage with the popularity of Texas Holdem nights and the TV exposure of the World Poker Championships. If you don’t want your buddies to see you with a set of stock Wal-mart chips, then you are going to need a crash course on customizing your first set of high roller chips.There are four main areas of customization to play with to make your poker nights feel like your playing with real casino poker chips. You can play with the body color of the chip, the edge spot color, the inlay and the mold design.

Traditional colors for the body of the chip are as follows. Dollar chips are usually white or blue. Five dollar chips are red. $25 dollar casino chips are green. The big $100 chips are black and the $500 high roller, get you in trouble chips are purple. If you want to stick close to the mainstream casino colors you can, but you can custom make your poker chips any color.

The edge spots are the little square chunks of color you see around the edges of the poker chip. Again pick whatever color you want but it’s a good idea to pick colors that are in high contrast to the color you picked for the body of your poker chip. Unlike the old casino poker chips, you can now sport day glo colors which are real cool with black lights. Remember if you are going to spend the money on custom made poker supplies, you may as well make them stunning! Ordering custom casino poker chips also lets you play with the inlay and mold design. The inlay can say whatever you want as long as it isn’t so big that it wont fit in the center of you poker chip design. Most stock chips are plain, have the name of the company, or say something like “Texas Holdem or Poker Night”. Use your imagination when customizing your own poker chips.

The mold design not only adds zip to your chip, but also adds security again counterfeiting. You can have designs of spades, horse heads, dice or even little marching trolls if you so desire. Most custom poker chip companies will have a series of 6-10 designs you can choose from and others will stamp in whatever you want for a pretty fine dollar.